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Read and study the Bible in Chinese with this free BibleMax module
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Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, with an estimated of more than 1100 million speakers. This BibleMax module features the Chinese translation of the King James' version of the Bible, featuring both the Old and New Testaments. BibleMax is a free Bible reader with several interesting characteristics. For example, you can view different versions of the Scripture for comparison and study purposes. It also features complementary works like commentaries and references by reputable Bible scholars. These are very useful and easy to use, since they can show automatically the reference or commentary regarding the already open Bible verse/chapter. Another interesting feature of BibleMax is the possibility of customizing it according to your needs. You only need to download the core program, which contains the King James' version of the Scriptures, and then you can get as many Bible modules as you want, such as this Chinese version, as well as maps, devotionals, Christian books, and, of course, additional references and commentaries. You can download many of these modules at the developer's site, but if you want even more of such materials, you can get a free CD-ROM containing dozens of extra modules by paying only a symbolic P&H fee.

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